Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 8 in NICU

Carter is now 5lbs 5.7oz. He had 3 full and 2 half bottles of formula from a bottle yesterday, the half bottles were finished by using the tube feeding. Grandma and Grandpa Wiltse came yesterday and they were able to love on him last night a bit. This morning Carter has taken all 45ml of of his formula from a bottle for each feeding. He is really starting to eat like a champ. Grandpa Wiltse and I came back to Liberal to see Garett and take care of some things. Grandma Wiltse stayed at the hospital with Carter, I'm thinking that she is handling that just fine. :) Grandpa will go back today to be with Carter and Grandma. I will be going to work tomorrow and at least half of Tuesday and then head back up there. The doctors are still hoping that Carter will be in his own room by Tuesday or Wednesday and then maybe home by Thursday or Friday.


Mandy Sage said...

Congrats to all of you! What a blessing! We can't wait to meet him and see you guys in June! Sending love and prayers your way!
Dave, Mandy & Parker Sage

Gpa Rod said...

Great news Kari!! Carter's doing great and that's awesome!!!

crystal said...

way to carter keep eating like a champ!