Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 7 in NICU

Carter had another good night. His plumbing is working great and he took his 5:30am feeding of 45ml all by a bottle. We gave him his 8:30 feeding with a bottle, but he only got about 25ml in before he pooped out on me and the nurse administered the rest through the feeding tube. They do this because after 20 minutes, he is just burning too many calories and so we need to give him a break. Night nurse schooled us on our "reading materials" last night before Garett left this morning. He has to be back at work because he is on call.

Carter is 5 lbs 5 oz now...he gained another ounce in the last 24 hours. We are getting bigger and stronger! Dr. Pope, Carter's pediatrician, says that he may get his own room by Tuesday or Wednesday and we should all be home together by next weekend. The steps are small but we are incredibly thankful that they are in a forward motion and not backwards.

Grandpa Craig and Grandma Robbie are on their way to meet their first grandchild!


JoAnna said...

Wonderful news! I'm so glad that Grandpa Craig and Grandma Robbie are heading there to be with you both!

JoAnna said...

Oh, and happy 1-week birthday, Carter!! Keep growing, tough guy!!

crystal ellis said...

Wow Kari, carter has brought back so many memories for us! He is a strong little man. I am glad to see that everything is going so good. I continue to pray for yall. That you get home soon all together. Happy one week birthday Carter! STay strong mommy and daddy!

Gpa Rod said...

Great news Carter!! You'll be a fullback in no time!! Momma Kari we are very proud of you!! Too bad Daddy Garett had to go back to work but that's the way of the world. Soon Carter and mom will be back in Liberal as well. We are really glad the Wiltse granparents are on the way. We wish them God's speed and safety.
Gpa Rod and Gma Jan

Mrs. M said...

Awesome news! Thinking of you guys tons! Can't wait for you guys to be together again!