Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Carter's first UFC night with Kari.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Today was a good day!! Carter had his first doctor appointment here at home and he gained 6oz since Thursday night! The doctor said he was doing very well and to keep up the good work at home. Grandma Jane is here for the week and is thouroughly enjoying taking care of her first grandson! Kari and I are sure pleased to have her here while Kari ties up some loose ends at school so she can stay home with the little guy. Tonight, Kari and I gave Carter a bath. He doesnt really like them so of now, anyway. We thought we would have a little fun with it, so we gave Carter his first mohawk!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amazing day...

Just realized that this post didn't post last week...should have been posted on 5/5/2011

Carter did pretty good during his car seat test. I am not sure that I would want to sit in the same position buckled into a seat for 3 hours. ICK! After the test, we were able to take all of the cords and patches off of his little chest. No more monitors! Although, they do still check on his vitals every 4 hours before feedings. At 12:30pm Carter had his circumcision done, I am sure that he will appreciate us for share that with everyone on here. :) Did pretty good considering...most of his fussing came when they were cleaning up around his umbilical cord because it had started to bleed. At 1pm, the police came to the hospital to get our car seat installation all checked out and approved. By 2pm, Carter had sucked down 3 oz (83ml) of food...the most he had ever eaten for us. We had some amazing visitors at 2:30pm. The experience was a true blessing and we all feel very lucky to have each other.

Look at me without all my monitors and cords! Such a big boy!

Going to have our first bath with mom and dad.

He was NOT happy during this photo!

Have to clean out the "eye boogers"!

Daddy is drying my hair. I look like a fuzzy peach.

Car Seat test

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 9 in NICU

Gma and Gpa Wiltse report that Carter's feeding tube was taken out today and they he has consistently been taking a bottle. In fact, they are feeding him on demand now and not sticking to a 3 hours schedule. Of course, if he snoozes for over 4 hours, they wake him to eat. He is still on the oxygen but they are trying to wean him off of it. They took if off for about 2 hours but then his stats went down so they had to give it back to him. Garett and I both have plans to go back on Wednesday after lunch...please pray for us...we want Carter to be well and ready to go home but we are also obviously wanting to take him home.

Grandma Jane has purchased her plane ticket and will be here by 5pm on Friday!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 8 in NICU

Carter is now 5lbs 5.7oz. He had 3 full and 2 half bottles of formula from a bottle yesterday, the half bottles were finished by using the tube feeding. Grandma and Grandpa Wiltse came yesterday and they were able to love on him last night a bit. This morning Carter has taken all 45ml of of his formula from a bottle for each feeding. He is really starting to eat like a champ. Grandpa Wiltse and I came back to Liberal to see Garett and take care of some things. Grandma Wiltse stayed at the hospital with Carter, I'm thinking that she is handling that just fine. :) Grandpa will go back today to be with Carter and Grandma. I will be going to work tomorrow and at least half of Tuesday and then head back up there. The doctors are still hoping that Carter will be in his own room by Tuesday or Wednesday and then maybe home by Thursday or Friday.