Thursday, July 31, 2008

We made it!

Greetings from Kansas!

We made it on the eve of the 20th of July. Matt (Frenchie from North Dakota) , Dora (Matt's girlfriend), Jodi (teacher at the high school), Evie (Dora's daughter), Gloria (my new principal) and Ava (Gloria's daughter) all met us at our new place to help unload the moving truck. Gloria and Ava brought pizza and pop for us to have as our first hot was fantastic...considering we had been eating sandwiches for two days. We unloaded the truck until we got to the mattress for our bed and that is where we stopped for the day. Garett had to work the next morning at 8am and he needed to sleep in a bed!

The next few days were full of unpacking boxes for me, working for Garett and sleeping for the puppies. A very generous teacher at my new school invited us over to "shop" at her home. He husband is retired and she will retire after next year and they are wanting to DOWNSIZE. So, we acquired another fridge from her for the kitchen and a couple beautiful antique chairs.

Things are coming together here at the house and I will start on my room this afternoon at school. Our weekend is going to be busy with finishing the house and working at the school. The county fair comes to Liberal next weekend and so we will have to check that out.

I hope that all is well with everyone. Now that our internet is set up I will try and keep up with this site by adding pictures and such as often as I can.

Garett and I would like to thank everyone for all of your help and support, it is greatly appreciated!

Take care and we will meet again soon on "The Wiltse Wall"