Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 9 in NICU

Gma and Gpa Wiltse report that Carter's feeding tube was taken out today and they he has consistently been taking a bottle. In fact, they are feeding him on demand now and not sticking to a 3 hours schedule. Of course, if he snoozes for over 4 hours, they wake him to eat. He is still on the oxygen but they are trying to wean him off of it. They took if off for about 2 hours but then his stats went down so they had to give it back to him. Garett and I both have plans to go back on Wednesday after lunch...please pray for us...we want Carter to be well and ready to go home but we are also obviously wanting to take him home.

Grandma Jane has purchased her plane ticket and will be here by 5pm on Friday!


Gpa Rod and Gma Jan said...

That's exciting news Kari!! Carter is doing well and in no time he will be ready to go home. We love you all.

crystal said...

Oh my gosh! How exciting, I am so proud of you carter. I hope that he does get home soon. It is so hard to want to be home, but know he needs to be ready first. Alright Grandma Jane! How exciting for yall! Continue prayers and love to yall!