Monday, September 19, 2011

Carter had Gma and Gpa Wiltse here for a couple days. We all had a very nice time and can't wait until Christmas when we go home for Auntie Stacey's wedding. Gpa Wiltse thought that Carter NEEDED to have a rocking bull...the dogs are not impressed! We think that it is pretty fun to press the ear and have the bull "boo" at the dogs. (I know...evil...but REALLY funny!!!)
Daycare is going really well and school is in full swing. We have attended a couple football games and he seems to like it. He just loves being outside...just like mommy and daddy! Gma Jane is making her plans for Thanksgiving and before we know it...Christmas will be here. We are pretty eager to show Carter off to family and friends.


JoAnna said...

Love that smile! What a cutie!

Gpa Rod said...

That little boy is really growing up! Can't wait to see him at Christmas! Of course we're looking forward to seeing Kari and Garett as well.