Friday, September 12, 2008

They accepted the offer!!!!!

Well, as some of you might know, we still own our house in North Dakota. In fact, it is kind of a joke down here..."we have a summer home in North Dakota". Anyhow, this last week there were two offers put on our place (finally) and we counter offered and they accepted. So, in short our home is in the process of being sold. We are having the closing on October 3rd! Whoo Hoo!!!!

Garett and I are still busy with work. I had my first set of school picture taken today. :) I haven't taken them since my junior year of high school. How silly it was to get all excited the night before again! :) I was like a little kid trying to figure out what I was going to wear for pictures. My mom would be proud that I had my outfit laid out the night before and everything. HE HE HE

Luci is doing good. Dakota is getting a little bit more rough with her but we are scolding her for it. We are going to the school again tomorrow to work on lessons and stuff in my room. Next weekend we are going to Omaha to meet up with family. Hope that all is well with everyone! God Bless!

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Chandra said...

Congrats on selling the house! I actually have been checking your blog, but it just know occured to me that there was probably a way to leave a comment!