Sunday, August 31, 2008 is crazy!

We are sorry that it has been so long since the last post. Almost a month now! WOW!

Life is on a roll here. Garett is starting to finally do some installs and house calls not just doing audits....he hated them....we understand the importance of them and we welcome the knowledge of the area that he has learned from driving around Liberal...but we are both glad that those days are becoming fewer.

As for me and school, the days are getting better. I have 11 kids on my case load, had my first IEP meeting last week and I think that we are going to start with testing some referrals in September. I learn something new every day and it is exciting to see the light bulbs come on for some of the students that we are working with. My next hurdle is to get a handle on lesson plans for these students, at least for the ones that come into my room. My principal has been VERY supportive and when I asked about the deadlines for lesson plans, like which day everyone hands their next weeks lesson in on, she said don't worry about that. You have enough to do right now. We will talk about them later. How cool is that? It is nice to not have that over my head just know...get to know the kids, let the kids know me and my aides.....then we start the push.

Luci is doing great! She has a new friend. Matt got a puppy from one of the teachers at our school. Dakota, a boxer, is 10 weeks old and FULL of energy. I think Luci wishes that we had our lazy little Otis back sometimes.... :) Luci usually runs around with her for awhile and then jumps up on the couch to get away. Well, little Dakota isn't so good with those BIG paws of hers and can't seem to get up on the couch to get at Luci. However, on Friday...Dakota got up there so we might be in trouble now! One GREAT part about have Dakota is that when Luci jumps at the TV because she sees an animal on it...we can tell Dakota to get Luci and she does it. Literally, Dakota will stumble over to Luci and jump on her is truly wonderful and funny at the same time.

The weather has been changing down here lately. So, Garett and I are both on allergy meds. Stuffed up and icky but we are sleeping good and drinking lots of liquids. Neither of us work on Monday and I have teacher in-services on Tuesday, so no kids. We are working on the house a bit this, laundry, know the stuff you which would just go away! Tomorrow I think that we will go to my school and work in my room a bit. My principal allows us to bring Luci with us that is cool...she runs and runs around my room.

I better get some lunch together here. Garett is out on a call for work. This is his first weekend on call for work, they all take turns. Anyhow, we hope that all is well. Take care and God Bless.

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