Friday, August 1, 2008

Terrible News

We regret to inform our family and friends that we are now a family of three. Otis passed away last night.

After bowling last night, we came home and let the puppies out to go potty and play in the backyard. We have them hooked up because it is not fenced in. Matt, Garett and I were sitting in the living room watching some TV and talking when we heard our landlord yelling. I told Garett to go and check on our dogs. When he went into the backyard, he saw Otis laying on the ground, bleeding from his neck. Garett came running back into the house to tell me that Otis was hurt and it looked bad. I ran to the door and out to the yard. Otis was laying on his left side, not moving. When I got to him, he was spitting and took a couple gasps and then there was nothing. I knew what had happened, but I did want to believe it so I just stayed with him and rubbed his head and tummy. Our neighbors came over the fence to help. Their daughter was also home for the week and she came over as well.

Meanwhile, I yelled for Matt to come and get Luci so that she didn't get hurt as well. Garett was on the phone calling the area vets. The first vet said that he couldn't help us but the second one said that he would meet us at his office. So, I ran inside and got a towel and wrapped Otis up and ran to the car. We arrived at the office before the vet and so we had to wait. Inside, I knew that Otis hadn't made it...but I tried to stay positive and think that he and Luci would be running around playing again soon.

The vet opened his door and we went right into an exam room. He listened for a heartbeat or any sign of life but Otis had already passed. We went back home to check on Luci and then go to the neighbors house to thank them for help. I had to have Garett go and talk to Bruce (our landlord) because it was his dog that had done this to Otis and I was too angry and emotional to talk to him.

Everything has been a blur and we still can't believe that Otis is gone. He was a very, very loving puppy and for all of you that were able to have met him you know what I mean. Otis had a tough start in life, and then our family rescued him. We gave him the best home and setting that we could. He had definitely came out of his shell with us and seemed very happy. That is what makes this situation so difficult for us to deal with. Garett and I are extremely heart broken. However, we are grateful that we still have our little Luci.

Luci had seen the whole thing and Garett even said that when he first went out there, she was laying next to Otis, licking him. She seems to be ok, however, traumatized I am sure. We went for our morning walk after dropping Garett off at work and it felt weird to be walking only one dog.

Anyhow, this post has become long enough and I best get ready for a meeting that I have at the school. Garett, Luci and I just wanted to inform all.

Take Care.


JoAnna said...

I'm so sorry :(

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news. We all loved Otis very much and will remember our great times with him. We'll keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Matt, Brandy and boys